Lonje provides ability to create personal video channel or video stream with interactive communications between the group. Express yourself using all available abilities. Make your life public. Find new friends. Discuss ideas interesting to you. Share news and other media content. Monetise your content.


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Lonje - free software application, using it you can communicate with thousands of other interesting people including video and photo chat.

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Because of anonymous session management customers fully protected from suspicious activity in the system. Anonymity doesn't means uncontrollability or impunity. Room chatting are fun and automatically managable.

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Join the system from any devices using web interface or one of our applications for smartphones or desktops. Interface designed in smallest detales just start using it and you'll find this out. Nice to relax like a sea chat at home.

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Even random chat search, just try to invite random people in chat. Videochat roulette fun and easy. Go into "Roulette" tab, you just can see who you inviting. You can see mans and womans before invitation.

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